LoL Worlds 2016: What to Watch For on Day Two

By Aaron Albertson
on Sep 30, 2016

Thursday was crazy; three number-one seeds lost, CLG was the only Western team to take a win, and INTZ e-Sports pulled off the first major upset of the tournament. But what does that mean for day two? 

SK Telecom T1 vs Cloud9 

skt cloud9

The first game of Group B is between the defending world champs and up-and-coming Cloud9. While Cloud9 is normally happy-go-lucky coming into matches, they’ve seemingly buckled down for the world tournament this year. Sneaky, who streams regularly, has been absent from for the greater part of two weeks, and Jensen even said in the opening teaser, “If you want to prove yourself, you have to beat Faker, and that’s what I’m going to do.” Well, Jensen, here’s your chance. 

TSM vs Samsung Galaxy 

tsm samsgung galaxy

Coming into the tournament it was clear the Group D was the hardest draw. It wasn’t expected that TSM would win every single contest, but losing their first match has them playing catch-up until either Samsung or Royal Never Give Up slips. Solomid has an opportunity to be the ones to force Samsung to take a loss, and a dominant win would be great for morale. Look for Team Solomid to address their drafting and warding issues and look to send a message. 

Edward Gaming vs ahq e-Sports Club 

edward ahq

On day one, Group C’s first seed, Edward Gaming, was upset by INTZ e-Sports, while ahq was able to nab a victory over H2K. EDG’s situation is strikingly similar to TSM’s, in fact. Since three teams are jockeying for two advancing spots, going down 0-2, especially when both losses come from the other top teams of the group, could be a death sentence. It’s hard to call a match on day 2 a must-win, but this might be one for Edward Gaming. 

Aurelion Sol Disabled for Day 2 

aurelion sol

In Thursday’s final match, TSM’s Bjergsen experience another bug with Aurelion Sol. Bjegsen was unable to see Sol’s passive, and after a half-hour of testing it was announced that Sol would be temporarily disabled. Riot’s quality assurance team is currently looking at the bug with hopes they can get Aurelion back online quickly.  

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