LoL Worlds 2016: CLG Beats Rox and Turns Group A on Its Head

By: Aaron.Albertson
Oct 02, 2016

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North America’s third seed CLG (2-1) defeated the tournament favorite Rox Tigers (2-1) in a 36-minute rough off the back of Huhi’s Aurelion Sol. 

Sol had been banned throughout the first three days of the tournament due to another bug with his passive stars. The bug was able to be solved by Riot’s quality assurance team, enabling the Star Forger to return to the rift for the last day of the first weekend.  

And return he did.  

Huhi showed his mastery of the champion by finishing with 11 kills and 6 assists. Huhi was able to roam down to bottom lane after the first wave of minions and kill Pray, with the help of Aphromoo and Stixxay, on an unprecedented level-one roam. CLG never took their foot off the gas after the early cheese, instead opting to punish the Tiger’s surprisingly-poor early game play.  

clg vs rox

The Tiger’s played just as they had for the rest of the tournament; exhibiting a poor early game that caused them to fall into a huge gold deficit. They had been behind in earlier games of the tournament, but their 7,000 gold deficit in Sunday’s game to CLG was just too much for them to overcome. The style-of-play from the Korean favorites leaves question marks on their ability to travel deep into the tournament going into Friday’s matches.  

CLG’s win leaves Group A in an interesting place. Similar to Group D, Group A has three teams tied atop the standings at 2-1, with a European team finding themselves winless at the bottom. For a team to make it out of the group they’ll have to show up with their best play against the other two top teams and avoid a slip-up when they face G2.