Lee ‘Scout’ Ye-chan

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Apr 13, 2017

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Lee ‘Scout’ Ye-chan

Lee Ye-chan is nicknamed Scout, a proficient gamer taking on the position of the mid laner. His playstyle is similar to his role model, Faker from SK Telecom T1. It would be fun to play against his mentor, making the game very interesting to watch. He favors assassin-like champions as his playstyle is aggressive, being proactive and always forward, never looking back.

Scout would really like to face SKT as the match would be interesting and fun to compete in. Other lol teams Ye-Chan follows include Cloud 9, G2, Team Solomid and ROX Tigers who he thinks is difficult to beat in competition.

Where it all began:

Lee began his career in gaming in 2015 with SK Telecom T1 as a substitute in mid lane. He made his debut with SKT competing at the LOL Kespa Cup 2015 to which Scout and his team lost.

LOL video game2

HIs potential aggressive and offensive skills as a player have not gone unnoticed by EDward Gaming who signed him on as a mid laner. His signature LOL heroes include Kassadin, Zed, Leblanc and Lulu.


EDward Gaming is a Chinese gaming company that was established in 2013. An esports company that has three professional teams that play CS:GO, Hearthstone and League of Legends.

EDG lol team5

EDG LOL has grown to have a reputation in China as being one of the best League of Legends teams that have earned top rankings in the LPL Summer Splits. The LOL roster is made up of Mouse, Clearlove, Scout, Zet and Meiko.

Competition Participation:

Demacia cup 2017

Scout has participated in a few League of Legends tournaments such as the Demacia Cup 2016, World Championship and LPL Spring and Summer Playoffs as well as LOL Kespa Cup in 2015.


Scout and EDG earned their greatest achievement winning their highest cash reward of $ 217K at the LPL Summer Playoffs 2016, where they beat RNG with the score 3:0.