Kevin ‘TviQ’ Lindstrom

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 05, 2017

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Kevin ‘TviQ’ Lindstrom

Kevin ‘TviQ’ Lindstrom is a professional cyber athlete from Sweden. He plays the DPS role for Misfits Overwatch, showing his best performances on signature heroes like Genji and Soldier: 76.

In Lindstrom’s spare time especially in between scrims, he enjoys playing a computer game to relieve stress. After gaming sessions, TviQ loves to go out for a beer or a vodka with his friends especially when they win esports tournaments.

Where it all began:

Lindstrom started his passion for computer games with Team Fortress 2. He took his competitive skills to the next level competing with esports teams like YoYoTech and Infused back in 2013 until 2015. His strong TF 2 background has made him the professional player he is today, famous for his hitscan skills on heroes like Scout and Sniper.

TF2 video game

Overwatch was released, he immediately took an interest to try out the game and has never stopped playing. He joined his very first OW team, Pubstars in 2015 and showed the esports community his capabilities.

The Team:

Misfits is a professional European esports company that was founded by Ben Spoont, Laurie Silvers and Mitch Rubenstein. Due to the future potential of how gaming has grown over the years, the association expanded to support different teams in CS: GO, LOL, OW, Hearthstone and Super Smash Bros.

Misfits Overwatch5

Misfits Overwatch was created in June 2016, acquiring the former players of Graviton Surge. Playing under a new name Misfits, the team has gone through a few roster changes towards the current active lineup that consists of Manneten, Mineral, Nevix, Reinforce, TviQ and Zebbosai.

Competition Participation:

The very first esports tournament that TviQ participated was the Overwatch Cup with Pubstars team. The unit finished in second place in the minor event losing to the squad, Not Enigma back in 2015. There are many other esports competitions that Kevyn took part in, these include King of the Watch Europe #2, GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly matches, OW TaKeOver, Operation Breakout.

OW world cup

TviQ got the most esports success while playing for Rogue in fact, he attended the Overwatch Open. His team lost to Misfits with the score 2:3, that ranked them in fourth place, taking home a reward of $24K. He also has been a part of the Swedish national esports team at the OW World Cup 2016, competing against Finland beating them to the score 2:1, to scoop up $18K.


The great accomplishment for TviQ and his team, Rogue was when they competed at the APAC Premier 2016. The OW team battled against Lunatic-Hai to win the match with an amazing score 4:1, taking the title to claim their prize of $75K, the highest earnings so far.

The second great win was at the ESL OW Atlantic Showdown – Gamescom, where TviQ was a part of team Rogue at the time. The Overwatch squad took the premier championship title winning against Reunited with the record 3:1, taking home a prize of $40K.