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Jesse ‘JerAx’ Vainikka is an esports player that hails from Helsinki, who currently competes in Dota 2 for Team OG. He plays the support position for his unit, performing his best with signature heroes Earth Spirit, Rubick and Tusk. His aggressive playstyle gives him the capability to have a wide hero pool, by predicting his opponents’ movements and putting pressure to make adversaries react to his moves.

The Evil Within 2

Other than playing Dota 2, Vainikka has started playing casually the video game, The Evil Within 2. In his free time, JerAx follows streams and tournament replays, loves to listen to music and watch films or good series on Netflix. If he had to stop playing Dota 2 for one day, Jesse would take up something crazy new like dancing.


Where it all began:

Vainikka’s gaming passion all started with Nintendo video game, Duck Hunt, shooting with a toy pistol. On rainy days he and his friends would opt to play board games like Settlers of Catan, Age of Steam and Civilization as well as video games like Alpha Centauri and Age of Empires. When he was around 15-years-old, his friend introduced him to Warcraft 3 which led him to the first version, Defense of the Ancients, playing casually.

Age of Empires video game

His decision into competitive gaming started with Heroes of Newerth but it was cut short due military service course with the Finnish army. After serving with the army, JerAx went back to gaming but this time, he was practicing Dota 2, the esports game that has changed his life entirely and presently competes in esports events worldwide.


The Team:

Team OG is a European esports company that was founded in October 2015 with former Monkey Business players. The Dota 2 squad made a name for themselves, making a breakthrough at the Frankfurt Major 2015 and have since kept on competing against top tier teams. OG are the first gaming team to win four Major Leagues.

Team OG Dota 2 roster3

OG Dota 2 unit consists of the professional esports players, Fly as captain, Resolut1on, s4, JerAx and N0tail. Since the beginning, the team have achieved outstanding results at esports events with motivation to be better in their gameplays and strategies.


Competition Participation:

Jerax has competed in several esports tournaments representing Team OG, these include MDL Macau, Captains Draft 4.0 Europe qualifier, AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League, ProDota Cup Europe, ESL One Hamburg 2017 qualifier and PGL Open Bucharest among many other competitions.

MDL Macau esports tournament

OG have won Dota 2 tournaments against TNC, Mousesports, Penta Sports, Hellraisers, Virtus.Pro and Complexity. Learning from their mistakes, the Dota 2 unit have lost to top teams like Newbee, Secret, LGD Gaming, Team Faceless, Invictus Gaming and Evil Geniuses.



The most recent great win for JerAx and his team OG so far was at The Kiev Major 2017. The Dota squad dominated through the whole event, reaching the Grand Finals, beating Virtus.Pro with a remarkable score of 3-2. OG won the premier title and proudly claimed their reward of a jaw-dropping $1 million.

The second highest accomplishment for JerAx and OG was when they participated in The Boston Major 2016. The Dota 2 team managed to reach the Finals, beating Ad Finem with the unbeatable record 3-1. OG won the Major event taking home the first prize of a staggering $1 million.