Is Doublelift Hinting at Retirement?

By Aaron Albertson
on Oct 10, 2016

Team Solomid had a disappointing end to a great back-half of the season. After going 17-1 in the summer split regular season, and only dropping one game throughout the entirety of the summer playoffs, TSM failed to advance from the group stages at Worlds 2016.

Solomid was never quite able to look themselves, but the most glaring change was TSM's ADC, Doublelift.

Doublelift, who was North America's best ADC during the summer split, looked constantly outmatched throughout the group stages. Doublelift consistently underperformed in matchups that were thought to be much closer. Even when he was able to get his signature champion, Lucian, Doublelift was unable to fully settle in and look comfortable out on the rift.

Since then, Doublelift and Solomid seem distraught. Among all the disappointing tweets sent out, Doublelift's twitlonger he released on Monday seems disheartening.

Doublelift twitlonger

In the twitlonger, Doublelift talks about how disappointed he is in his team's failure to advance, and how the blame should rest on him. Doublelift even acknowledges that he was the weakest link on the team – something he's never been before.

The look is brand new to the followers of Doublelift, and is somewhat alarming. Is Peter setting us up for the retirement bombshell we've all been dreading, or will he come back from the off-season with a chip on his shoulder and continue to improve just as he has in every seasons passed?

Guess we'll have to wait to find out.

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