LoL Worlds 2016: INTZ Gnars on Edward Gaming

By Aaron Albertson
on Sep 29, 2016

Brazilian team INTZ e-Sports (1-0) upset China's first seed Edward Gaming (0-1) in a 42 minute game on Thursday night. 

INTZ, who didn't even take time to boot camp in Korea before the tournament, showed a strong understanding of meta-game shot calling by gathering a 11,600 gold lead, despite the kill-line only ending 19-12. 

While the Brazilian team struggled to grasp an advantage in bottom lane, both of their solo-lanes were able to get significantly ahead. INTZ's top laner, Yang, did 26,000 damage to champions, the most in the game, while going 6-2-7. Mid laner Tocker's went flawless with an 8 kill-to-death-ratio. 

INTZ DAMAGE INTZ did show a bit of on-stage jitters, however, as they struggled to close the game. INTZ was able to gain Elder Dragon, with three elemental dragons to buff it up, and had two open inhibitors. INTZ showed Edward Gaming immense respect, only taking one of the two inhibitors, but were able to eventually catch out EDG's ClearLove and push the number's advantage to end the contest.

After the game, INTZ's jungler Revolta mentioned just how happy he was of the team's performance. Revolta said that he didn't believe INTZ was able to win the entire tournament, but that he has his eyes set on advancing from the group stage. 

INTZ will face off against Europe's H2K (0-1) on Friday, while EDG is slated against ahq e-Sports Club (1-0.)

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