If it works, it ain’t stupid. Here are some crazy Dota 2 builds in pub and pro scene

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 21, 2017

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A pro player once said, “Dota 2 is a game where anything is possible,” (I forgot who it was). And he was right. With over 150 items and 113 playable heroes in the game who have a total of hundreds of different skills, Dota 2’s gamestyle gives you more options than you can imagine. Here are some crazy Dota 2 builds which happened in pub and official tournaments that actually worked.

Pudge with Rod of Atos

This is probably the best way to troll and annoy the enemy with Pudge. The Rod of Atos is one of the underrated items in Dota 2 and commonly only used by Intel Heroes like Outworld Devourer and Skywrath Mage. What people have not realized yet is Rod of Atos’s unlimited potential. Hard to land a hook? Use the Atos. Enemy running away from Rot? Use the Atos. Being chased by an enemy? Use the Atos.

Rod of Atos is a must and should be included in every Pudge guide in-game. In fact, this item is so good, I can even recommend it to all skillshot heroes. Can’t land LSA with Lina? Atos got your back. Can’t combo Sunstrike-Meteor-Blast with Invoker? Atos is your answer. Can’t hit an Arrow with Mirana? Atos is there. Atos is for everyone!

Anti-Mage double spell block with Linken’s Sphere and Aghanim’s Scepter

In a game where you play an elusive Anti-Mage against heroes with disabling skills like Lion, Shadow Shaman, Bane, etc., a late game double spell block is a viable measure to escape disables. Arteezy did it once in a pub game and it was surprisingly effective. This is also a solution to having an enemy Terrorblade and Legion Commander since Linken will block the spell completely.

Carry Supports feat. Elder Titan with EBlade and Dagon

Everyone might have already seen a Dazzle carry, Witch Doctor carry, or Rubick Carry. Although unconventional and not acceptable in all the brackets, especially in 2k MMR where uncommon builds are more likely to be flamed, a carry support is not a new idea. However, there are actually more bizarre build ideas that actually work.

An example is an Elder Titian with Ethereal Blade and Dagon where he can one shot magic damage the enemies using his ultimate ability. Pretty neat isn’t it?

Earthshaker Midlane in an Official Tournament

In a game between Evil Geniuses and Invictus Gaming at the EPICENTER 2017, EG took a very unconventional strategy where Sumail played Earthshaker in the midlane against and Ember Spirit.

Despite this unusual laning and drafting by EG, it worked perfectly for the team. By 29 minutes of the game, IG popped the GG word with kill score of 28-3 in favor of EG.

Bloodseeker with Eul’s Scepter and EBlade + Dagon

Bloodseeker magic build is legit in pub games. The Eul’s Scepter on Bloodseeker is common in pubs to interrupt enemies teleporting away from his Rupture. This item does not only do that but it also grants 150% mana regeneration and additional 40 movement speed. These stats are not bad for the hero thus it appears to be widely used.

Since Bloodseeker has only 2 skills that can be targeted to enemy heroes in which both are magic types, he is viable for a magic build. Ethereal blade is a perfect late game item for agility carry heroes that goes magic damage. This is due to its additional 40 agility and Ether Blast skill that converts target units to ethereal from with 40% more vulnerability to magic damages. Using the EBlade+Dagon combo by Bloodseeker is a pubstomping build that actually works.

Carry Support feat. Morphling with Max Strength

There are more unconventional crazy dota 2 builds that are surprisingly legit in the game. Like a support Morphling with maxed out strength. His stuns last 4.25 seconds which is one of the longest stuns in the game with only 8.8 seconds of cool down. A support Morph is probably more acceptable than a Phantom Assassin or an Anti-Mage. With maxed strength, this is also the tankiest support you’ll ever see.