Rumay hafu Wang

Hafu Rumay Wang

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 03, 2017

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Hafu Rumay Wang

Rumay “Hafu” Wang is an American female pro gamer currently playing Hearthstone for NRG Esports and a popular streamer on Twitch. Rumay is also a known for competing in World of Warcraft and a Bloodline Champion.

Where it all began:

Video Game WoW

In High School, Hafu’s best friend introduced her to the online game World of Warcraft. Rumay became obsessed in gaming that she skipped classes and even her graduation. Her parents were not too happy about her choice in gaming over high school and asked for one summer season to continue. She proved to the world she was a good player, winning first prizes in WoW tournaments.

The Team:

After a long break in, Hafu is back in the gaming scene. As from February 2017, Wang signed up with American company, NRG Esports as part of their Hearthstone roster. Their lineup includes dude7597, Amnesiac and Amaz.

Her passion for gaming will bring out her smart gameplays, especially Hafu’s Miracle Rogue playstyle. She will certainly prove to her team and her esports fan base, her ability to bring success.

Competition Participation:

Hafu has the experience of competing in different esport games one of which was League of Legends. She had the opportunity to play one-on-one against Bjergsen, TSM’s mid laner to whom she won the duel.

Gentlemen cup Hearthstone event

In 2008, Hafu competed in WoW tournaments like the MLG Orlando and in Dallas, EM III – Games Convention. She has also participated in the Gentlemen Cup competed in Hearthstone in 2014, finishing third place.


Her highest accomplishment was with the squad Fnatic Orz who competed at the WoW event, BlizzCon 2008 where the unit finished third place, taking home a reward of $15K.

BlizzCon 2008 WoW event

Wang has the ability to excel at whatever game she played, in fact she competed once at DreamHack Summer 2011 to play Bloodline Champions. The Orz squad of three players won first place winning a prize pool of $6K.