Gigabyte Marines lol team

GIGABYTE Marines is a Vietnamese esports company formerly known as Marines Esports or Boba Marines. The association supports a professional League of Legends team that is sponsored by GIGABYTE and Adonis ICyber Gaming.

The GAM League of Legends roster was created in May 2014 managed by Đặng Tuấn Linh. The latest roster was made last December 2016 consisting of a group of good talented players who have shown their potential in competitions. These esports tournaments include the King of the SEA 2016, VCSA Spring Season 2016, Mountain Dew Championship Series Spring and Garena Premier League 2017. 



LOL Lineup

Gigabyte Marines lol team2

GAM Stark

Phan ‘Stark’ Cong Minh is a dedicated top laner from Vietnam that forms part of the GIGABYTE Marines. He started his professional career last March 2017 with GAM, Vietnam’s best team. He impressed the team with his gaming abilities in solo queue. He may be the latest addition to the LOL roster but he excels on LOL heroes like Renekton and Rumble.     

GAM Levi

Duy Khanh ‘Levi’ Do is a 19-year-old pro jungler, currently forming part of the GIGABYTE Marines LOL roster. He started practising as a mid laner playing for SkyRed in July 2015 but eventually he changed to the jungling role. Levi is a player to watch as he is one of the most promising young talents of Southeast Asia.  

GAM Optimus

Van Cuong ‘Optimus’ Tran is a 20-year-old mid laner from Vietnam, competing for GIGABYTE Marines. He began his competitive career in 2013, playing for Boba Minions, leaving his mark in several LOL tournaments. Optimus joined his current team in November 2016, he is best known for his great performance on LOL heroes like Kayle and Orianna.

GAM Slay

Nguyen ‘Slay’ Ngoc Hung is a professional cyber athlete taking on the role of the AD Carry competing for Gigatbyte Marines. He began his gaming profession in 2014 with G5 E-Sport Fate Team developing his skills as a player. He joined GIGABYTE Marines in November 2016 and has helped the team in achieving success in esports tournaments.

GAM Archie

Minh Nhut ‘Archie’ Tran is a 24 year old support player competing as part of the GIGABYTE Marines LOL roster. He started his gaming career playing Defense of the Ancients for Team StarsBoba, playing the supportive role. In April 2012, Archie took up LOL competing in the AD carry position for Saigon Jokers, making a name for himself with his Ezreal gameplays. He has also developed his gaming skills in top lane as well as support giving him the knowledge of strategical plays for future competitions.