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Giants Gaming (GIA) is a Spanish esports company that was founded in July 2012. The association supports several teams that play League of Legends, FIFA, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and Battlefield all competing in esports tournaments around the world.  

Giants Gaming created their League of Legends roster in 2012 originally starting out with a group of Spanish players. Over the years, they recruited gamers from several countries that contributed to their success. One of their first few wins for GIA was at DreamHack Valencia 2012, where they finished third place.

Giants Gaming have beaten the renowned team, Dark Passage at the Black Monster Cup #2 taking the first place. They have also won over Mousesports at the LCS Europe Season 3 Spring Qualifiers. GIA have competed against H2K Gaming in the 2015 EULCS Summer playoffs as well as losing to Unicorns of Love at the 2016 EU LCS Summer Playoffs. Their latest lol tournament was at the IEM XI Gyeonggi losing to Team Liquid, finishing in sixth place.

The Team

Olof Flaxxixh Medin

Olof 'Flaxxixh' Medin, Image Source:

Olof ‘Flaxxixh’ Medin is a 21-year-old Swedish pro gamer playing the top laner for Giants Gaming. His interest in gaming all started when he played Warcraft 2, Starcraft and also Dota with his brother. Flaxxish is a fan of anime genre that includes his favourites Pokemon, Dragoball, Death Note  and Trigun.

Jonas Memento Elmarghichi

Jonas 'Memento' Elmarghichi, Image Source:

Jonas ‘Memento’ Elmarghichi is a Swedish gamer playing the position of Jungler for Giants Gaming. He began his career in September 2015 with CoolLife Gaming, acquiring the experience to be a better player. Memento best played lol heroes are Kindred and Nidalee that helped his team win. Having joined just recently in January 2017, Memento has yet to prove his worth with his current team for the Spring lol leagues.

Na Night Gun woo

Na 'Night' Gun-woo, Image Source:

Na ‘Night’ Gun-woo is a Korean pro playing the mid laner position for Giants Gaming. Hailing from South Korea, he began his gaming career with the Korean esports team, Winners. Night has shown many esports fans his smart gameplays with the ability to take control of the game. His best performance in esports tournaments was with lol champions like Vladimir, Cassiopeia and Zilean.

Martin HeaQ Kordmaa

Martin 'HeaQ' Kordmaa, Image Source:

Martin ‘HeaQ’ Kordmaa is an Estonian talented player who takes on the position of AD Carry for his current team, Giants Gaming. He started out his gaming profession in March 2015 with the squad, Low Priority. Competing against some of the world known teams, HeaQ proves his worth when he plays the lol heroes like Varus, Ashe and Jhin to help carry his team to victory.

Morgan Hustlin Granberg

Morgan 'Hustlin' Granberg, Image Source:

Morgan ‘Hustlin’ Granberg is a Swedish cyber athlete playing the supportive role for Giants Gaming. He began his gaming career with Giants Underdogs in October 2015, acquiring the skills and abilities to improve as a gamer. He is mostly known to play lol characters like Nautilius, Karma and Zyra to help his team mates through the tournaments.