Fnatic Announce GG.Bet Partnership

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Dec 05, 2016

A new partnership was announced between Fnatic, a leading pro gaming company and GG.Bet, one of our best partners in esports betting.

Fnatic logoThe online operator GG.bet was created by esports enthusiasts and professionals to help grow electronic sports. This partnership will put the betting company in the limelight for the potential of future esports team sponsorships.

GG.Bet Logo

GG.Bet sponsorship to Fnatic, one of the leading esports organisations will help to bring you closer to the action and maybe a peek behind the scenes too. Fnatic have several teams that train in different games such as Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch and more. This partnership will help Fnatic’s CounterStrike squad and Dota 2 unit, two of which are renowned for their successes in various events worldwide. As a company that helps esports, GG.bet will help you predict how Fnatic will perform in the upcoming tournaments as well as other squads. 

This sponsorship deal is an opportunity that will explore endless possibilities, to build and continue Fnatic’s success through GG.bet with your support, giving you a pleasurable experience of betting on your favourite teams and video games.