Flipsid3 Win the Dreamhack Leipzig Open Grand Final 2017

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Jan 16, 2017

As the Dreamhack Leipzig Open 2017 came to a close, late Sunday night, we're sure that Flipsid3 couldn't contain their happiness while being crowned winners of this short, but yet exciting CS Event. 

Flipsid3 were in 'Group B' together with Vega Squadron, Rogue & BIG. After winning both of their qualification matches against Vega and BIG, they proceeded to the semi-finals to fight for their place in the final.

Flidsid3 still had one hurdle before reaching the final, this time it was Team LDLC who stood in their way. After a series of well-played strategic pushes onto LDLC, although the latter fought fiercely, they were no match for the well-trained team, who subsequently won the semi-final 2:0.

After playing BIG and beating them in the group stages, Flipsid3 found them as their opponents in the final and we all know how it ended!