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Faith Bian


Zhang ‘Faith_Bian’ Ruida is a 19-year-old talented esports player from China. He trains in Dota 2 as the offlaner, playing his best signature gameplays with Beastmaster, Batrider and Clockwerk. Faith_bian is capable of predicting enemy movement and creating space to push his hero to the limit to help lead his team, EHOME

Faith bian esports diary2

Ruida likes to keep a diary that helps him become very effective, helping him improve as a person and as a gamer.  Aside from being a professional gamer, Faith_bian is also an esports fan, looking up to top dota 2 players, Universe and Miracle, watching their matches learning different strategies of how to deal with all kinds of situations.

Where it all began:

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Faith_Bian started his competitive gaming career with Speed Gaming in March 2014. Zhang later joined Wings Gaming after he moved to Chongqing, where the team is based. After the disbandment of WG in April 2017, Faith_bian spent a month competing for Team Random. Acquiring more experience in esports competitions and improving his gameplay, he made the bold move to join another top dota 2 team, EHOME.  



The Team:

EHOME is one of the leading Chinese esports teams that has been around since their foundation in 2004. The gaming company supports different professional squads that compete in Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. 

ehome dota 2 roster

EHOME created a dota 2 team back in 2007, where they built a reputation among dota fans as one of the favourite squads at many esports tournaments. The present dota lineup consists of CTY, Faith_bian, Hym, old chicken, and Y innocence, together taking on an aggressive gameplay while maintaining unpredictability in every match. 

Competition Participation:

Faith_bian and his team, EHOME participated in the most recent qualifying matches of Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018, DreamLeague Season 9, ESL One Katowice 2018 and The Bucharest Major. Some of the recent major esports tournaments that EH have taken part in include Prodota Cup China, MDL Macau, The Major League and the WESG 2017 China Finals. 

ESL One manila

Faith_bian has gained the competitive gaming experience playing against top dota teams like LGD.Forever Young, Eclipse, VGJ.Thunder, Invictus Gaming, Rock.Y, Execration and Vici Gaming. Competing against these top dota 2 teams has given him the knowledge as to how to improve and strategize better in-game.  


The highest winnings achieved by Faith_bian was while competing for Wings Gaming at the prestigious dota 2 tournament, The International 2016. On their way through to the finals, WG dominated the upper brackets, beating top squads like Digital Chaos, MVP Pheonix and Evil Geniuses. Reaching the finals, the Wing players faced Digital Chaos defeating them once more with an unbeatable score of 3-1, claiming the first prize of a spectacular $9.1 million. Beside their goal to win a TI event, the unit broke the Guinness world record, winning the highest reward in the history of esports competitions. 

The second great achievement was at ESL One Manila representing Wings Gaming. Through the dota tournament, the unit beat top squads like Complexity and Fnatic where WG advanced to the finals defeating Liquid with an unbeatable record of 3-0. Wings took the ESL One Championship title claiming an amazing reward of $100K.  

Tournament Placing

20 Nov 2016The Summit 64th$10,000.00Dota 2
13 Nov 2016Northern Arena BEAT Invitational1st$48,000.00Dota 2
16 Oct 2016Nanyang Dota 2 Championships - Cruise Cup #11st$22,266.00Dota 2
13 Aug 2016The International 20161st$9,139,002.00Dota 2
17 Jul 2016The Summit 51st$42,944.00Dota 2
10 Jul 2016Dota2 Professional League Season 14th$14,000.00Dota 2
10 Jul 2016Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 22nd$50,304.00Dota 2
12 Jun 2016The Manila Major 201613th-16th$30,000.00Dota 2
19 May 2016WCA 2016 Chinese Qualifier #1 (Dota 2)1st$30,579.60Dota 2
24 Apr 2016ESL One Manila 20161st$100,000.00Dota 2
17 Jan 2016SL i-League XIV Finals (Dota 2)7th-12th$5,000.00Dota 2
21 Dec 2015ProDotA Cup Americas #13rd$500.00Dota 2
20 Dec 2015World Cyber Arena 2015 (Dota 2)4th$47,252.40Dota 2
8 Jan 2017ESL One Genting 20173rd-4th$22,500.00Dota 2
31 Dec 2016Dota2 Professional League Season 2 - Top10th$35,000.00Dota 2
18 Dec 2016China Top 2016 (Dota 2)3rd-4th$28,739.00Dota 2
10 Dec 2016The Boston Major 20169th-16th$62,500.00Dota 2
26 Feb 2017StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 35th-6th$15,000.00Dota 2
4 Apr 2017Dota 2 Asia Championships 20179th-12th$8,654.00Dota 2
30 Apr 2017The Kiev Major 20179th-16th$62,500.00Dota 2
10 Sep 2017WESG 2017 - Chinese Male Finals (Dota 2)1st$15,420.00Dota 2
22 Oct 2017The Major League 20172nd$14,228.10Dota 2
10 Dec 2017MDL Macau5th$9,000.00Dota 2
17 Jan 2016SL i-League StarSeries Season 1 (Dota 2)7th-12th$5,047.00Dota 2
18 Mar 2018WESG 2017 (Dota 2)9th-12th$10,000.00Dota 2
4 Apr 2017DAC 20179th-12th$9,179.00Dota 2
22 Apr 2018Dota2 Professional League Season 5 (2018 S1) - Top9th-10th$6,354.40Dota 2
3 Oct 2018WESG 2018 China Finals - Dota 21st$11,648.00Dota 2
28 Oct 2018StarLucK Dota 2 Challenge1st$4,322.10Dota 2
15 Oct 2018Asia Pro League1st$17,362.80Dota 2
3 Oct 2018WESG 2018 - China Finals (Dota 2)1st$11,648.00Dota 2