Dota2 Professional League Season 6 Playoffs Preview

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Dec 12, 2018

The Dota2 Professional League Season 6 is the most important Dota 2 league in China. The competition brings together the best 12 teams in the region and takes place over a period of 7 weeks. Right now, the competition is about to enter its Playoffs Stage. This stage is scheduled to take place at the end of December.

The DPL Season 6 Group Stage Results

Dota2 Professional League Season 6 had a thrilling Group Stage consisting of 2 groups of 6 teams. The competitors from each group had to play a Bo2 match against every single one of their opponents. And the results were the following:

Group A

  • Vici Gaming: 5 W – 0 D – 0 L
  • EHOME: 4 W – 0 D – 1 L
  • iG Vitality: 1 W – 2 D – 2 L
  • CDEC Gaming: 1 W – 2 D – 2 L
  • Keen Gaming.Luminous: 1 W – 2 D – 2 L
  • Team Serenity: 0 W – 0 D – 5 L

Group B

  • PSG.LGD: 5 W – 0 D – 0 L
  • Invictus Gaming: 2 W – 2 D – 2 L
  • Newbee: 2 W – 1 D – 2 L
  • Team Aster: 2 W – 1 D – 2 L
  • Keen Gaming: 1 W – 2 D – 2 L
  • Taichi Gaming: 0 W – 0 D – 5 L
DPL Group Stage Results

DPL Group Stage Results. Image snipped via

The top 3 teams from both groups advanced to the Playoffs. The winners of the two groups will play directly in the first round of Upper Bracket matches while the other 4 teams will play a preliminary match to determine who will advance to the Upper Bracket and who will go to the Lower Bracket.

Dota 2 Professional League Season 6 Playoffs Team Analysis

Here’s a short analysis of the 6 teams that will compete in the Playoffs of Dota2 Professional League Season 6.

Dota 2 Professional League Season 6 Playoffs

Dota 2 Professional League Season 6 Playoffs. Image snipped via


PSG.LGD is probably the strongest team in China at the moment and has been for the past 7 months or so. They were also one of the best competitors in the world during the previous season (2017-2018), finishing 3rd overall in the Dota Pro Circuit and 2nd at The International 2018.

Just last season alone, PSG.LGD won 2 Majors and placed 2nd or 3rd at 4 other big events, including The International 2018. This season, things haven’t gone as well for PSG.LGD but still, the team achieved some decent results: 3rd – 4th place at PVP Esports Championship, 5th – 6th place at The Kuala Lumpur Major and 3rd place at MegaFon Winter Clash.

PSG.LGD place second at TI8

PSG.LGD place second at TI8

During the Group Stage of Dota2 Professional League Season 6, PSG.LGD had no real opposition in its group and easily finished in 1st place with 5 victories, no draws, and no defeats. Practically, a perfect 10 – 0 score in terms of maps.

Going into the Playoffs Stage of the event, I expect PSG.LGD to play in the Grand Final and win. There’s only one team that could realistically challenge them: Vici Gaming.

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming is the second strongest team in the Chinese region and its performance at the most recent events suggests that Paparazi and his squad are definitely at the top of their game. They haven’t won anything important in the last 6 months, but they’ve definitely had a lot of top results. Furthermore, they’re the Dota2 Professional League Season 5 champions.

Vici Gaming finished the previous season in 6th place overall (Dota Pro Circuit) but had a fairly modest performance at The International 2018, where it only managed to get a 9th – 12th place. This season, VG started well, winning 2nd place at ESL One Hamburg 2018 and 7th – 8th place at The Kuala Lumpur Major.

Vici G 2018 dota

Vici Gaming Squad

During the Group Stage of Dota2 Professional League Season 6, Vici Gaming easily crushed all opposition in Group A and won the group with 10 points in total. In other words, a perfect score.

Going into the event’s Playoffs Stage, I expect nothing less than a Grand Final, probably against PSG.LGD.


EHOME is a tier 2 team in China at this point and its performances in 2018 clearly show that. The team had some level of success in small tournaments, such as Asia Pro League (1st place), STARLUCK DOTA2 Challenge (1st place) and H-Cup Season 10 (2nd place). These results are not incredibly relevant however at this level of competition. EHOME’s underdog status is also underlined by the fact that during 2018, they haven’t been able to qualify for a single Dota Pro Circuit event.

EHOME Dota 2


During the Group Stage of Dota2 Professional League Season 6, EHOME performed much better than expected, finishing 2nd in Group A with 4 victories and just 1 loss against Vici Gaming. Based on this performance, I expect EHOME to finish 4th overall at this tournament.

iG Vitality

I will start by saying that this version of iG Vitality has nothing to do with the team’s former rosters. So don’t be fooled by the name because all of the active members have been playing under the iG Vitality banner for just 3 months.

iG Vitality finished the Group Stage in 3rd place with 1 victory, 2 draws and 2 defeats. A modest and unconvincing result, but after 2 more victories in the Tiebreakers it was sufficient for advancing to the Playoffs. My prediction is that iG Vitality will crash and burn very quickly during this stage, finishing 6th.

Invictus Gaming

This is another big name in China but its roster is far from being worthy of it. Again, just like with iG Vitality, we’re dealing with a new roster that has very little to do with the grandeur and history of the team. Practically, all 5 players joined 3 months ago and with the exception of dogf1ghts I haven’t heard of a single one of them. Presumably, they’re all high MMR competitors from the Chinese and SEA regions.

During the 3 months they’ve been with the organization, there’s only been one notable result for IG’s 5 new players: a 3rd place at Asia Pro League. Sounds good until you realize that Asia Pro League is a $36.000 event attended by a lot of tier 2 and tier 3 teams from this continent. To put things into perspective, the winner of Asia Pro League was EHOME and the runner-up was TNC Predator. These names alone suggest that IG’s 3rd place finish at this tournament is completely irrelevant for the level of competition it faces at Dota2 Professional League Season 6.

During the Group Stage of Dota2 Professional League Season 6, IG finished 2nd in a very disputed Group B, with 2 victories, 2 draws and 1 defeat. Not bad but not convincing either. With this result, IG is clearly not above the other competitors from the Playoffs of the event, with the exception of iG Vitality. So I have no expectations from this team. A 5th place is the most likely result for them.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After a Grand Final at The International 2017, Newbee went on to have a rough season in 2017-2018, at the end of which it lost some of its core players and descended into mediocrity. There’s absolutely nothing notable to talk about regarding this team, as Newbee’s results since the 13th – 16th place finish at The International 2018 have been non-existent.

Newbee dota 2 team

Newbee Squad

Perhaps Sccc and Faith can pull off a miracle and get a 4th place finish at this event, but it’s going to be difficult for sure.

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