Dota 2 Tips and Tricks: Mask of Madness Analysis

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Apr 30, 2017

Welcome back to another episode of Dota 2 Tips and Tricks. This week's article will focus on the item Mask of Madness and whether or not you should buy it. If you missed previous editions of tips and tricks, you can check them out herehere, and here.

What once was a trash item after the severe nerfs in 6.84, Mask of Madness is making a return! The item used to be bad because it made you take so much bonus damage, and it's benefits weren't worth the risk. Now, the active reduces your armor by 5 and silences you for its duration: 8 seconds. The item is really good for farming and pushing out lanes. It gives an immense 120 attack speed bonus, as well as equipping your hero with lifesteal and 15 damage at a cost of only 1900 gold. Many heroes have already bought the item at The Kiev Major.


After activating God's Strength, Warcry, and Storm Hammer, Sven does not care at all about being silenced. Warcry more than makes up for the -5 armor reduction. +120 attack speed for Sven in team fights is insane value, not to mention the bonus combined movement speed with MoM active and Warcry. 


Luna also picked up Mask of Madness at The Kiev Major. This is more of a farming item for her, since Luna does like to use her abilities in team fights. However, with an insane 335 base movement speed, it can definitely be worth using Mask of Madness in team fights to catch up to or run from enemies. Also, the +120 attack speed bonus will allow Luna to shred buildings. 


Spectre only has one low cool down ability, so the silence from the item isn't too bad for her. But more importantly, Spectre farms super slowly and you usually want one minor item before getting a Radiance. Mask of Madness fits perfectly. It also provides you health sustain while farming jungle, which solves a major issue Spectre normally has. In addition, Spectre does a lot of damage through desolate, but her attack speed is just awful. One minor issue could be that the -5 armor is pretty harsh on Spectre, who does not have that much armor. However, Mask of Madness can still be a great item for Spectre. 

Wraith King

With only one active ability, Mask of Madness's silence is irrelevant for Wraith King. Wraithfire Blast has an 8 second cool down, and Mask of Madness lasts for 8 seconds. Perfect. The hero is also slow and does not farm too fast. Mask of Madness can be a great item. However, I recommend getting an Armlet or another damage item first. 


It appears that Mask of Madness is actually an every game core item for Lycan. Many pros are building the item with Armlet on the hero. It allows Lycan to farm fast, destroy buildings, and offers insane DPS in his ultimate wolf form. 

Honorable Mentions

Mask of Madness could also be good on Sniper, Medusa, and Faceless Void. It is a situational item since there are certainly items that could be better in some scenarios. And the silence can be pretty crippling for the heroes, especially Faceless Void. However, if used for farming and smartly in team fights, the item can be super strong. 

Do keep in mind that just because the item can be good in a game, it is important to analyze the situation for every other hero in the game. Perhaps your team needs you to get another item, or you should buy another item to counter an enemy hero. The scenario differs game to game, so think carefully if you should purchase Mask of Madness.