Dota 2 Tips and Tricks: Escape Mechanisms

By John Doe
on Jun 20, 2017

Here are some Dota 2 Tips and Tricks that you may not have known about! If you missed a previous edition of this series, click here to check it out!

How to TP out from lane with no mana

Teleporting costs 75 mana, and with low mana, this is usually not possible. If you have the cash, you can go to the side shop, buy a TP and energy booster (or 2 Robe of Magi). The energy booster may raise your mana enough to let you teleport. While teleporting out, you can sell the item you bought for a full refund. 

Buy Orb of Venom Against Templar Assassin

One very annoying thing against TA is that ganking her is difficult if she has a Blink Dagger. With Refraction on, TA can still Blink out while taking damage. For example, imagine Riki coming up to her, attack once, smoke, and then TA just blinks out. However, if you buy Orb of Venom on Riki, his attack will apply the poison attack on Templar Assassin, canceling her Blink Dagger even through Refraction.

By TrungTH

How to Escape Nature's Prophet Sprout without Forcestaff or Quelling

Iron Branch. That's all you need. When sprouted, cast the Iron Branch on your portrait (the large image next to the Talent Tree). This will plant an Iron Branch tree and push you out of sprout. Easy escape!

How Faceless Void can Escape Puck's Dream Coil

If you move far enough away to break Puck's Dream Coil, you will get stunned for a long time. However, Void can dodge the stun completely. When Dream Coiled, move Faceless Void to the outer edge of the coil; then just Time Walk away. The Coil will break but you will be untouched since Time Walk makes Faceless Void invulnerable in its duration. The same Dream Coil break mechanism works with a well-time Manta Style and many hero abilities.