Dota 2 Tips and Tricks: Denying and More!

By Default Admin
on May 06, 2017

Welcome back to another episode of Dota 2 Tips and Tricks. This week's article will focus on tips related to last hitting and denying, as well as a few other things. If you missed previous editions of tips and tricks, you can check them out herehere, and here.

Kunkka's Tidebringer gives him bonus damage in denying

Tidebringer is a 100% cleave ability that also gives a bonus 85 damage. This bonus damage can be used to deny your own creeps, making it near impossible for the enemy to last hit it. Also, the ability doesn't even go to cool down if you use it to deny, so you can keep denying many creeps in a row with bonus damage!

Riki's Cloak and Dagger ability also gives bonus damage in denying

The bonus damage from back stab also works for your own creeps to deny, as long as you attack from the back. This is incredibly useful in a lane, where your enemy won't even expect you coming. Note that Riki has terrible base damage, so this actually makes denying possible on the hero. 

Earthshaker's Enchant Totem bonus damage can be used to deny

Earthshaker's enchant totem gives him a ton of damage for one attack, which can be used to deny. This is especially useful in denying your own towers. 

Phantom Lancer's Illusions can be bound to a hotkey

One of the ways PL can be elusive is by having one illusion run away from the rest, baiting the enemy into thinking that's the real one. To do this more easily, you can bind one of the illusions to a hotkey by first selecting a specific illusion and pressing CTRL + hotkey. The specific illusion you should do this to is the Doppleganger illusion. Doppleganger creates 2 illusions, one that takes 100% damage and deals none, and the other takes 600% damage and deals 20%. You should bind the one that takes 100% damage to fool enemies into thinking it's the real one. Note that illusions of other heroes can be bound to a key as well.

Gyro Homing Missile

Speaking of fooling with PL illusions, Gyrocopter's Homing Missile can be a great way to keep track of the real Phantom Lancer. Often times, when you find the real PL alone, he can quickly create new ones and use Doppleganger to confuse you. If you use Gyrocopter's Missile on the real one, it provides a visual indicator to your team that won't disappear once he uses Doppleganger. Also, the missile takes a long time to become ready and is slow-moving. This can give very important information to you and your team for quite a while. 

Also, while we're talking about Gyrocopter, did you know you can purge off Rocket Barrage? Yeah, that first ability that does a ton of magic damage can be purged off.