Dota 2 Tips and Tricks: Heroes and Aghanim's Scepter Tips

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Mar 07, 2017

Welcome back to another Dota 2 Tips and Tricks article. Today, we'll be discussing some neat tricks involving heroes' Aghanim's upgrades, as well as some other hero-specific tips. If you have missed previous editions of the Tips and Tricks series, you can check them out here, here and here!

Defensive Chronosphere: Instantly Destroy Weaver Swarm Bugs and Gyrocopter Homing Missile

Homing Missile and Weaver bugs are 2 very annoying spells. If you are playing Faceless Void and your 100 HP mid player is running away from a missile, consider using Chronosphere on the missile if you cannot destroy it in time. This ultimate instantly destroys the missile and your mid player will thank you for your sacrifice. Chronosphere will also instantly remove the Swarm bugs, but note that it will remove both allied or enemy Weaver bugs. 

Witch Doctor's Death Ward can Miss but the Bounces will NOT

Witch Doctor's ultimate Death Ward can be quite useless against Windranger, since she can just activate Windrun and dodge every hit by the Death Ward. Well, if you have Aghanim's Scepter on Witch Doctor, control the Death Ward so that Windranger is not the primary target so that only the bounces will hit her. Theses bounces cannot miss and are sure to a do a ton of damage to her. And yes, if you didn't know, Death Ward can be fully controlled. Just click on the Death Ward and right click the target you wish to attack. 

Aghanim's Scepter on Slark Instantly stops the Enemy Legion Commander's Duel

Aghanim's can be a decent pick up on Slark due to the fact that it halves the cool down of Shadow Dance. However, one neat trick with it is that the AOE of the upgraded Shadow Dance will also hide teammates and end the Duel early. So consider instantly popping Shadow Dance if one of your important players on your team is getting Dueled. 

Easy Pudge Rot Deny

A common pick up on a roaming Pudge is soul ring. If you're about to die as Pudge and want to try to deny yourself, just wait till your HP is below 150, and then use rot and soul ring. The soul ring will instantly bring you to 1 HP, where the rot will cause you to deny yourself. 

Efficient Upgrading of Diffusal Blade

So you probably know that Diffusal Blade 1 can be upgraded to Diffusal Blade 2, but doing so will just set your charges to 8 again, regardless of how many you had left on the first item. Ever have 1-2 charges left on Diffusal Blade 1 but don't want to buy the recipe upgrade so your charges don't get wasted? Well, you can just right click your item, hit "Lock Combining" and keep the recipe in your backpack. The items won't combine, and you can just unlock the item when you're out of charges. 

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