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The American team Digital Chaos are currently ranked the fifth most prolific esports team according to Gosugamers. They specialize in Dota2, and their success is due to the fact that their founder, SunsFan, was a previous caster and content creator at DotaCinema. SunsFan knows the game inside out, having plenty of Dota2 skills himself.

The squad SunsFan founded was comprised of five players; MoonMeander, Saksa, w33, Resolut1on and MiSeRy. In April 2017, the founder left DC and so the dota 2 roster was dropped. A week later, Digital Chaos acquire Team Onyx Lineup to continue their esports legacy.  

Being a new Dota 2 squad, they have participated in the qualifier stages of the StarLadder I-League StarSeries Season 3, Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017. 

The Team

The team experienced their most impressive win to date at The International 2016, where they came in second place against Wings Gaming and won an incredible $3.5 million. Combined with  past success at smaller Dota2 tournaments, their total winnings cash in at over $4 million – an especially extraordinary feat considering the team was only founded in August 2015.

DC Mason

Mason 'mason' Venne is an American Dota 2 gamer that plays for Digital Chaos. Mason was first introduced to play professional Dota through another pro, DeMoN to be a part of his squad, Take Five in 2013. Venne is known to play the carry role with heroes like Weaver, Mirana and Storm Spirit to help lead the squad to win games. 


DC abed

Abed Azel ‘Abed’ Yusop is Philippine 16-year-old cyber athlete dedicated to competing in DC. Abed began his gaming path into Dota 2 back in 2014, showing off his skills on Meepo and Invoker taking on the positions of Solo Middle and Carry. His most recent tournament was at the Qualifying Wildcard stage for the Kiev Major where they beat Complexity Gaming.