Dark Passage is a Turkish esports company that was established in 2003. The owner of the association, venza was a CS pro who won more than fifty tournaments in his gaming career which led him to start with a Counter-Strike team. The organisation sponsors teams playing Hearthstone, FIFA, CS:GO and also supports a female LOL squad.   

Dark Passage League of legends team is famous for scoring pentakills by killing five enemies in one round at International esports events. DP have participated in DreamHack Summer 2013, 2014 World Championship, 2015 and 2016 TCL Summer and Winter events and many other LOL tournaments. Their most recent League of Legends tournament was at the IEM Gyeonggi 2016, unfortunately Dark Passage lost to Team Liquid.   

The Team

Mike Wickd Petersen2

Mike 'Wickd' Petersen

Mike ‘Wickd’ Petersen is a 22-year-old Danish player who takes on the role of top laner for his team, Dark Passage. Before becoming a pro gamer, Wickd played World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike. Petersen’s favourite heroes are Irelia, Renekton and Zac, helping his team win the League of Legends tournaments. As from January 2017, Wickd is also a substitute player for Fnatic LOL squad.

Dennis Obvious Sorensen

Dennis 'Obvious' Sorensen

Dennis ‘Obvious’ Sørensen is a Danish cyber athlete currently playing for Dark Passage as the jungler. He began professional gaming career in June 2013 with Millenium. Dennis has the ability to adapt to what his team needs, be it the supportive role as well as his current position as a carry. Having previously played with the European Team Dignitas, he was the shot caller at the time.

Furkan Immortoru Teke

Furkan 'Immortoru' Teke

Furkan ‘Immortoru’ Tekeş is a Turkish gamer who plays the mid laner role for his current team, Dark Passage. Furkan started playing competitively in League of Legends with Oyun Hizmetleri in March 2015. When Immortoru plays LOL characters like Ahri, Karma, Lissandra and Zilean, the chances are high, helping his unit win the match.  

Anil HolyPheonix IsIk

Anil 'HolyPheonix' IsIk

Anil ‘HolyPheonix’ Işık is a talented pro player taking on the role of AD Carry for his unit. He is famous for his aggressive moves with LOL characters, Lucian and Tristana. HolyPheonix scored a penta kill with the LOL character Kalista in the International Wildcard All-Stars.

Burak Rogu Eryol

Burak 'Rogu' Eryol

Burak ‘Rogu’ Eryol is a Turkish support gamer who was formerly known as Hibiki in the esports world. Before joining his current team Dark Passage, Burak started playing LOL with Oyun Hizmetleri. When Rogu plays Lol champions like Nami and Thresh, statistically he could help win the tournaments.