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Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin is an experienced cyber athlete hailing from Lviv, Ukraine, taking on the role of solo middle for Natus Vincere. He is a very creative player, who has a unique and skillful playstyle that leads his Dota squad to win matches. Today, Dendi is one of the best solo mid-laners in the esports scene, in fact fans worldwide have nicknamed him ‘The Invoker-player’ and ‘The Pianist’ for his musical talent.  

free to play movie

Danil had the privilege to be a part of a documentary called ‘Free to play’ which was produced by Valve. The film is about three pro gamers who relate their life and journey towards professional gaming, where they attend the Dota International Championship competing for their respective teams for a million dollar prize. Valve produced the film to increase esports awareness and helps people understand what professional gaming means to elite players like Dendi.

Where it all began:


Ever since Ishutin was a young boy he always loved computer games especially when his friends came over to his house. Dendi’s father was motivation to continue his path into professional gaming; he would play Counter-Strike and Warcraft 3 at Internet Cafes.     

The Team:

Natus Vincere is a Ukrainian gaming company that was established in 2009, best known for their Counter-Strike squad supported by Murat ‘Arbalet’ Zhumashevich. His philosophy ‘Born to win’ lives on in the NaVi players who have defended and won several world titles. The company has grown to support CS:GO, World of Tanks, FIFA, LOL and Dota 2.

NaVI Dota team

NaVi Dota team was recreated in 2015, to form a new team that consists of Dendi, Sonneiko, Pajkatt, General and Biver. The latest change saw Artstyle and Ditya Ra leave the Natus Vincer squad.

Competition Participation:

Dota2Asia Championships

Natus Vincere have lately participated in the qualifying stages of StarLadder i-League tournaments, The Dota 2 Asia Championships, The Kiev Major – CIS and also the World Electronic Sports Games 2016.


The largest win for Dendi  and his team Natus Vincere was at the International 2011. They won the tournament beating EHOME with the record 3:1, taking home the prize of a whopping $1 million.