Daniel ‘Gods’ Graeser

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Apr 06, 2017

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Daniel ‘Gods’ Graeser

Daniel ‘Gods’ Graeser is an American dedicated Overwatch cyber athlete playing DPS position for Cloud 9. Graeser was originally famous for his game plays on McCree which led him to develop his skills into his signature hitscan hero, Soldier:76 and Widowmaker helping his unit win the match.

Where it all began:

D2 game

Daniel always had a passion for gaming in fact he began with Dota 2 reaching 5500 MMR and Heroes of the Storm reaching the top 1000 leader board. After taking part in a few Overwatch scrims, Gods dedicated his time to train and pursue gaming full time.

The Team:

Cloud 9 Overwatch team6

Cloud 9 is an American gaming company that supports several games like LOL, DOTA 2, Smite, Vain Glory and Overwatch. The team was created in March 2016 made up of six professional players, Surefour, Adam, ryb, Mendokusaii and Roolf. The latest additions to the unit were Gods who joined in January so as to replace KyKy and Bishop their new coach who took over in March 2017.

Competition Participation:

In February 2017, Gods recently participated in Overwatch APEX Season 2, his very first match with his new team Cloud 9. Coming in at the tenth place, the squad won a prize of $2,740.

OW Apex Season 5

As a Professional player, Gods has taken part in Alienware Monthly Melee, OG Invitational, iBUYPOWER Invitational 2016, OW open and APAC Premier 2016 among many other events.


Gods earned his highest reward while playing for NRG Esports at the APAC Premier 2016 competing against Lunatic-Hai. Finishing in third place, Daniel and his team still walked out of the event feeling like winners holding their prize winnings of $22,500.

Graeser and his NRG team took part on the prestigious Overwatch Open, only to lose against Fnatic with the record of 0:3. The unit placed sixth at the event, walking away with $18K.