CSGO Events: October Excitement And What’s to Come

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 02, 2017

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October is a busy month in the world of CSGO Events. We have of course the ESL Pro League Season Six Week 5. This is a huge week for the ESL with matches going from Tuesday-Sunday and some real heavy hitters going toe to toe. There are a lot of matches to see so here are the ones I think are most worth catching, for those who can’t watch Counterstrike all day.

ESL Pro League Season 6 Week 5 must watches for each day:

ESL Pro League Season 6


Tuesday – G2 vs ENVY

Wednesday- FaZe vs North

Thursday – Astralis vs North

Friday – Astralis vs FaZe

Saturday – Astralis vs Fnatic

Sunday – mousesports vs ENVY


Tuesday – Renegades vs Misfits

Wednesday – SK Gaming vs Cloud9

Thursday – SK Gaming vs NRG

Friday – compLexity vs Immortals

Saturday – SK Gaming vs Renegades

Sunday – Splyce vs Luminosity

I know I know, not very difficult picks for teams to watch. Obviously, Astralis and SK Gaming are great teams to watch and they’re the best for a reason. But they’re both struggling in the ESL Standings and not showing their true form. My other picks are teams that are closer on the leaderboard and will perform well and put up good fights. 

The ESL Pro League isn’t the only regular season play going on, the ESEA is also taking place currently. Not as many heavy hitters as the ESL, the ESEA has some names you might recognize. One of my favorite underdog stories Gambit Esports is competing in season 26, as well as; FlipSid3 Tactics, Team Kinguin, Space Soldiers, PENTA Sports and the fallen Virtus.pro. Just to name a few familiar faces in the crowd of CSGO Pro hopefuls.

Aside from regular season play we have a lot of qualifiers, as three big esports events are taking place this month.



First up (and with the biggest payout) is ELEAGUE, a Premier taking place in Atlanta, USA with some tough competition. CSGO’S best and brightest will be fighting for their share of $1 million USD and the Quarterfinal matchups have been set.

C9 vs G2

Astralis vs Fnatic

FaZe Clan vs EnVyUs

North vs Heroic

I’m predicting a FaZe vs G2 finals unless Astralis makes a legendary run and actually shows up to play.

DreamHack Open Denver 2017

Dreamhack Open Denver

The next two tournaments take place at the end of the month with DHD 2017 starting on the 20th of October. There are still a lot of TBD with this Major but here is what we know so far. HellRaisers and NRG Esports have qualified from both EU and NA (HR beating Team Dignitas and NRG beating Tempo Storm).

I know right, what a hard qualifiers it must have been… 

We also know that there will be 8 teams in total and the Prize pool is $100,000 USD. It’ll also be a classic format with a Group stage and a single-elimination bracket playoffs. There is still a lot to be determined and I’ll keep you updated as more information is presented.



Sorry but even less info is really set in stone with EPICENTER. We do know the prize pool is a sweet $500,000 USD but so far we don’t know who will be participating.

St. Petersburg will be host to the second EPICENTER tournament and matches will start October 28th and go on until the 29th. Qualifiers will start on October 2nd and hopefully by weeks end we get a good look at the competition.