Boston Major Invites Are Out! What Can You Say About the Lineup?

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Oct 22, 2016

Valve finally unveiled the eight teams who will receive their direct tickets to The Boston Major 2016 on December 3-7. After the recent madness involving post TI6 roster shuffle, what can you say about the lineup? Who do you think deserves to win?


The renowned Chinese team who won the TI6 is currently considered as the most stable team in the scene. Having no changes in their rosters since September 2015, Wings Gaming recently won the Nanyang Cruise Ship LAN against other Chinese teams including Newbee and Invictus Gaming. Despite being undeniably strong, Wings Gaming, however, is not showing interest to smaller LAN events. Probably getting ready for The Major?


Being composed of veteran players, Digital Chaos is the TI6’s 1st runner up holder. DC is considered as one of the strongest American team in the scene.  However, the team made recent roster changes by replacing their offlaner Moo with Moonmeander. Moonmeander was previously a part of OG, the team who was known for being the first team to win two Valve events. This event will be their first tournament with their new team mate.


Having one of the oldest player in the scene, Fear, Evil Geniuses ended up as TI6’s 2nd runner up. Fear plays the support role in the team, which seemed to have made chemistry with their 17-year-old mid player, Sumail. Fear however has decided after the TI6 to retire and play as the team coach instead. Former OG support, Cr1t, is not playing as Fear’s replacement. Evil Geniuses has recently won a premier tournament with their new roster.


After placing 9-12th in the TI6, Newbee had made huge roster changes by welcoming 3 new members – uuu9, Sccc, and Faith – who replaced Hao, Mu, and Chuan. The recruitment seemed to have paid off since they just won a major event and placed second in a premier event, which may be the reason they secured a direct flight to Boston.


The Korean squad’s direct invite is currently surrounded with controversy due to the loss of their core players and their ineffectiveness after the TI6. Currently, the team has a losing streak on the record and still in the process of gaining back their momentum. With more than a month of preparation before The Boston Major, MVP still has time to prove that they deserve the invite and bring back their strong form.


Sylar and Garder, who replaced iceiceice and Fenrir after TI6, are showing impressive performance within the team. With their new roster, the team just qualified for a major tournament with $100,000 prizepool. EHOME is one of the strongest Chinese teams in the scene.


Nobody seemed to expect that this Filipino team will received a direct invite for The Boston Major. Execration went to Seattle during the TI6 to play as a wildcard. Despite losing its slot for the main event against Escape Gaming, Execration wowed the world for showing an extraordinary execution by 15 year old (during that time) Abed with his Meepo plays. After TI6, the team acquired DJ, a support from Fnatic who was known to have contributed a lot in Fnatic’s previous achievements. Despite being an underdog, Execration, if being underestimated, will cause a major upset.


Despite being the favourite, OG ended up 9-12th in the TI6, which caused an enormous breakdown within the team. After TI, Only two members have remained in the team, Fly and N0tail, accompanied by newly hired team mates – JerAx, s4, and Ana. The highest achievement with their new lineup so far is placing 3rd in a premier tournament.

The Boston Major's open qualifiers starts October 23-26 while regional qualifiers will be on 27th to 28th.