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Wang Banana Jiao


Wang ‘Banana’ Jiao is a professional cyber athlete coaching in Dota 2 for LGD Gaming and is also steps in as a substitute for the unit. At The International 2016, Banana had to play in instead of the player, September who had issues with his visa.    

LGD Gaming coach Banana

Where it all began:

In 2009, Wang began competing in Dota for the squads, xFy, and Radiance. In 2012, there were a lot of esport players like Wang that made the switch to Dota 2 and joined the squad Online Kingdom.

From then on he played with other Dota 2 teams like Tongfu, Invictus Gaming and Newbee before joining his current team LGD. When Wang used to compete, he would take on the support role for his team using a few of his signature Dota 2 champions like Enchantress, Rubick and Chen.

The Team:

LGD Gaming is an esports company founded in China that sponsored a Dota squad, For the Dream and also has a League of Legends unit.    

LGD Gaming team

The LGD Dota 2 consists of five pro players who have made quite a reputation in the Chinese and Asian gaming world. The successes they have had so far at the competitions show the potential of this unit.     

Competition Participation:

As a pro player, Banana has participated in many big events, like Dota 2 Super League with the squad, Tongfu that won against Team DK, at 2013 WPC ACE with Invictus Gaming they finishing in second place. Banana also played for Newbee at the World Cyber Arena 2014 where they won over Cloud9 for the sensational prize of $322K. 

World Cyber Arena 2014


The competition that will bring glorious memories would have to be at The International 2014 while Banana was with Newbee winning over Vici Gaming and taking home the spectacular prize of $5million.   

Tournament Placing

13 Aug 2016The International 20169th-12th$311,557.00Dota 2
21 Nov 2015The Frankfurt Major 201513th-16th$30,000.00Dota 2
8 Aug 2015The International 201513th-16th$55,288.84Dota 2
5 Jul 2015WCA 2015 Chinese Qualifiers (Dota 2)9th-16th$3,222.40Dota 2
23 May 2015i-league Season 3 (Dota 2)4th$29,417.49Dota 2
21 May 2015MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015 - Chinese League4th$8,072.54Dota 2
9 Feb 2015DAC 201513th-16th$30,575.00Dota 2
30 Dec 2014ECL 2014 Autumn (Dota 2)1st$16,109.00Dota 2
7 Dec 2014NESO 2014 (Dota 2)1st$24,389.40Dota 2
16 Nov 2014IeSF 2014 World Championship (Dota 2)1st$25,000.00Dota 2
2 Nov 2014NEST 2014 (Dota 2)3rd-4th$4,902.60Dota 2
5 Oct 2014WCA 2014 (Dota 2)1st$325,800.00Dota 2
28 Sep 2014i-League Season 15th-8th$7,700.00Dota 2
7 Sep 2014WEC 2014 (Dota 2)4th$8,142.65Dota 2
21 Jul 2014The International 20141st$5,028,308.00Dota 2
25 Jun 2014V Games Tournament Season 22nd$3,208.40Dota 2
24 Jun 2014WVW2nd$1,285.21Dota 2
24 Jun 2014WVW NESC2nd$1,283.79Dota 2
23 Jun 2014GEST The Challenge June3rd$1,000.00Dota 2
22 Jun 2014CDEC 20142nd$4,820.17Dota 2
15 Jun 2014ECL 2014 (Dota 2)2nd$3,220.74Dota 2
2 Jun 2014WPC 20143rd$16,049.00Dota 2
25 May 2014MarsTV Dota 2 League1st$16,034.89Dota 2
19 Jan 2014G-League 2013 Season 1 (Dota 2)2nd$8,267.61Dota 2
7 Jan 2014Red Bull ECL 2013 (Dota 2)1st$16,527.11Dota 2
1 Jan 2014WPC ACE Dota 2 League2nd$49,570.39Dota 2
28 Dec 2013Fengyun Dota 2 Tournament3rd$824.45Dota 2
4 Dec 2013Sina Cup Supernova Season 23rd$820.82Dota 2
10 Nov 2013NEST 2013 (Dota 2)2nd$11,497.18Dota 2
16 Sep 2013Sina Cup Supernova1st$2,941.23Dota 2
11 Aug 2013The International 20134th$201,208.00Dota 2
9 Jul 2013Alienware Cup 2013 Season 15th-6th$3,000.00Dota 2
6 Jul 2013Dota 2 Super League1st$84,788.60Dota 2
15 May 2013AMD Premier League Season 11st$3,000.00Dota 2
4 Dec 2011SMM Grand National 20112nd$7,997.18
13 Nov 2011World DotA Championship 20114th$1,576.64
6 Jan 2011WGT 2010 Global Final (DotA)2nd$2,263.38
31 Dec 2010G-League 2010 Season 5 (DotA)1st$7,585.41
5 Dec 2010SMM Grand National 20103rd$4,457.18
14 Nov 2010World DotA Championship 20101st$15,068.18
7 Nov 2010The DotA Razer Global Challenge1st$8,000.00
24 Oct 2010TopGamer2nd$1,501.66
20 Jul 2010WCG China 20101st$2,950.18
30 Dec 2009ADL 20091st$8,789.28
5 Oct 2014World Cyber Arena 2014 (Dota 2)1st$325,800.00Dota 2