A Brief History of Esports

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Dec 05, 2016

The past decade has seen a surge in popularity in eSports. Millions of people tune in to watch many different tournaments each year, with the number steadily rising. Everyone from the developers to the players seems to be benefitting from the growth. 

Just several years ago, there wasn’t enough demand and there weren’t enough professional players for world tournaments. Today, new tournaments are routinely announced that are almost guaranteed to overtake their predecessors both in terms of number of players and prize money pay-outs.

Even More Games

If you look back at eSports history by just 10 years, it used to be the case that professional players would concentrate on one or maybe two games, but as the industry has grown, more games have entered the marketplace that perfectly fit with the ethos of professional gaming.


Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Dota 2 are some of the biggest eSports games in the industry right now, all published by Valve Corporation. Some players of these games even receive salaries to cover living expenses, and these, too, are forecasted to only increase over time.

LoL 1Part of the success of individual players and teams is the ability to secure on-going sponsorship from recognised household names such as RedBull, Xbox and EA. Brands recognise the value and audience that supporting a successful esports team brings, like in any sport aligning a brand or product with top-rated teams has proven to be a powerful partnership. 

The future of eSports

As the industry continues to grow, side eSports industries such as gaming advice services, punditry  and media services (including TV channels) will continue to make their mark and bolster the industry as a whole.

Twitch Logo

It’s highly likely that over the next few years the amount of professional eSports stars, tournaments and prize money will all continue to grow as has been the trend over the last decade.

The next decade in eSports is set to see the industry come into its own, with more growth and professional players able to base careers on eSports.

For some more information about the rise of eSports and currents facts and figures, take a look at this great infographic created by computerplanet.

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