5 Dota Tips to Improve Your MMR and Gameplay Part 2

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Dec 06, 2016

For this week, here's another set of 5 Dota tips to improve your MMR and gameplay. Missed last week's juicy tips? Check them out here!

6. Huskar's Life Break Immense Utility

Life Break is a very powerful ultimate that has a lot of utility. It acts as a strong dispel, so activating it removes many negative debuffs. However, unlike many other dispels in the game like Dark Pact, Diffusal blade, Enrage, Manta Style, etc., Life Break makes Huskar magic immune for a short time. As a result, Life Break is unique in that it can remove Heaven's Halberd and Defeaning Blast disarm. These disarms can only be removed by magic immunity. Smart enemies will frequently build Halberd to counter Huskar, but many do not know that Huskar can simply remove the debuff. 

Don't forget Life Break is also a great re-positioning tool. Caught out? Slowed? Just Life Break away to an enemy creep to escape. 

7. Surviving against Axe or Legion Commander Blademail Taunts

Due to the recent changes to Blademail, there really is nothing much your hero can do to survive Axe calls or Duels with Blademail. As they say, "Stop hitting yourself," most carries will literally kill themselves to Blademail, and BKB won't help them at all. However, activating Silver Edge before getting taunted will apply the "Break" debuff to these enemies and reduce their total damage output by 50%. This reduction also incudes Blademail return damage. Click here for a short video that illustrates how instrumental Silver Edge can be to your survival.

8. Vision Utility of Sniper's Ultimate

One of the most infamous kill-stealing, rage-inducing, PTSD-triggering ultimates, Sniper's Assassinate has more use than to just "secure" a kill. While Sniper is casting his ultimate and during the travel time of the bullet, the enemy target has shared true sight vision for the entire ally team. This true sight can be incredibly useful to killing a Riki that's about to fade into invisibility, and Sniper can highlight the hero for his team to kill from 3000 range! In addition, the bullet impacts the skull of Sniper's victim so strongly that it ministuns the target, cancelling any channeling abilities like Town Portal Scroll teleporting. 

In addition, toggling sniper's ultimate on an enemy unit gives immense AOE vision that can reveal nearby danger, especially at night when vision is limited. Check it out! Ho Ho! Ha Ha! your way to victory!

9. Damage Reduction Stacks Additively  


That's right many damage reductions in the game are just additive-stacking abilities. You can easily achieve 100% damage reduction and take literally 0 damage. Centaur Warrunner's Aghanim's provides 60% global damage reduction for a few seconds. Pair that up with Bristleback, and you've got him taking ZERO damage from the back. Also try Nyx's Burrow ability with the upgraded Centaur's Stampede for more than 100% damage reduction on Nyx on all sides. 

10. Tips to Landing Easy Shadow Fiend Razes

Having trouble landing Razes? That's probably because it might be hard trying to face the right direction as Shadow Fiend. There's a neat setting in the hotkeys menu called "Direction Move," which greatly aids in landing Razes. How it works is that pressing the Directional Move hotkey at a location in the game will cause your hero to face that spot and walk in a straight line toward it. Your hero will not try to walk around terrain or creeps but just straight toward your desired location. Using this hotkey will cause Shadow Fiend to face the proper direction toward an enemy, making it a lot easier to land Shadow Razes. It does take a bit of time to get used to, but it will revolutionize the way you play Shadow Fiend. The setting is also very useful in landing Slark Pounces, force staffing yourself the right direction, etc.