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In light of the current rising star status of Esports as a global phenomenon, EsportsOnly.com is initiating its first-ever scholarship to award one gaming enthusiast with part of a semester's tuition at an accredited US University.

Esports is now part of a movement that has rarely been seen since the technological revolution and we are proud to be at the forefront of it.

The impact that this new-born industry can have on the lives and livelihoods of teens and young adults is huge and it plays an important part in the evolution of jobs and entrepreneurship as well as the socio-economic environment inhabited by the millennial generation.

Apart from being physically localized, esports as a phenomenon is extremely cross-border and can transcend barriers that other types of activates cannot.

With that in mind, the contest for winning the scholarship needs to shed some light on the following:

  1. Esports: From hobby to full-time job
  2. The social and economic impact of Esports in the lives of millennials
  3. Cross-border aspects of online gaming as a profession
  4. How is this shaping the future of young adults from a mental and physical health perspective?

Participants that want to be enrolled must submit a 1000 word essay related to the topics above

A minimum of three (3) out four (4) topics must be covered in the essay.

Scholarship Details

The EsportsOnly.com editorial team will pick the winner based on factual accuracy, representation of the full scope of the issues and conclusions.

The winner will get $1,500 covered for the Spring Semester at an accredited US University.

The best five essays as determined by our Editorial panel will be published on EsportsOnly.com

How to Submit

1. Essay to be delivered as attachment in WORD Document format to scholarship@esportsonly.com

2. Winner of contest needs to supply proof of enrollment in order to receive the scholarship

Thanks for your interest and good luck!

Esportsgaming Scholarship