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League of Legends: Leaks

See, a few months ago, insider information about League of Legends was leaked to the public. This information included details about champions that were being reworked and what their new abilities would be, and for the most part they were correct (at least in relation to the champions that have been released so far, Zac and Maokai).

League Of Legends
Jun 01, 2017

2017 EU LCS Summer Split: What's changed?

The League of Legends 2017 EU LCS Summer Split is on our doorstep, and with the group draft completed it’s time to take a peek at the drastic, immense, world-shaking changes between the matchups in the Spring and Summer splits. So what do our new groups look like?

League Of Legends
May 28, 2017

Mid-Season 2017: Items

The Season 7 Mid-Season is finally upon us! Mid-Season 2017 updates have garnered a reputation of being a good excuse for Riot to experiment with new visions of champions, items and the game as a whole, stirring the waters just enough to introduce fresh new ways to play the game without having it feel like too big an update.

League Of Legends
May 20, 2017

Lee Sin: The Blind Monk

A few weeks ago I decided to do a quick rundown of Anivia when her new Festival Queen skin was about to be released. This time, it’s the blind monk’s turn, as Riot releases a skin that...removes his blindness???

League Of Legends
Apr 02, 2017

NA LCS: Playoffs and what to expect

That’s it! Regulation play for NA LCS ended last weekend and they are setting up for the first playoffs of the major regions. EU, LCK, LPL, and LMS still have a week or so left in their play, but this gives us plenty of time to dissect how the playoffs of NA could play out based off of the teams that have made it.

League Of Legends
Mar 30, 2017