• Best Esports Players

Best Esports Players

Highest Overall Earnings

# Country Nickname Player Name Gender Total Earnings Game
1. us flag UNiVeRsE Saahil Arora Male $2,822,796.47 Dota 2
2. us flag ppd Peter Dager Male $2,628,120.36 Dota 2
3. pk flag SumaiL Sumail Hassan Male $2,503,632.14 Dota 2
4. us flag Fear Clinton Loomis Male $2,383,155.64 Dota 2
5. cn flag iceice Li Peng Male $1,998,558.23 Dota 2
6. cn flag bLink Zhou Yang Male $1,955,008.62 Dota 2
7. cn flag y` Zhang Yiping Male $1,955,008.62 Dota 2
8. cn flag Faith_bian Zhang Ruida Male $1,954,948.20 Dota 2
9. cn flag Shadow Chu Zeyu Male $1,954,848.20 Dota 2
10. ca flag Aui_2000 Kurtis Ling Male $1,942,859.44 Dota 2
11. cn flag xiao8 Ning Zhang Male $1,824,534.96 Dota 2
12. cn flag Hao Zhihao Chen Male $1,761,647.03 Dota 2
13. cn flag Mu Pan Zhang Male $1,390,711.91 Dota 2
14. ee flag Puppey Clement Ivanov Male $1,377,176.36 Dota 2
15. dk flag MiSeRy Rasmus Fillipsen Male $1,356,457.12 Dota 2
16. se flag Zai Ludwig Wåhlberg Male $1,290,819.45 Dota 2
17. dk flag N0tail Johan Sundstein Male $1,288,043.96 Dota 2
18. cn flag Banana Wang Jiao Male $1,279,561.56 Dota 2
19. cn flag SanSheng Zhaohui Wang Male $1,207,649.37 Dota 2
20. ro flag w33 Aliwi Omar Male $1,181,278.58 Dota 2
21. se flag s4 Gustav Magnusson Male $1,165,145.88 Dota 2
22. de flag KuroKy Kuro Takhasomi Male $1,156,851.75 Dota 2
23. cn flag Fenrir Chao Lu Male $1,135,954.79 Dota 2
24. sg flag iceiceice Daryl Pei Xiang Koh Male $1,130,003.56 Dota 2
25. cn flag MMY! Zengrong Lei Male $1,112,556.41 Dota 2
26. cn flag Sylar Jiajun Liu Male $998,867.78 Dota 2
27. cn flag Super Junhao Xie Male $982,491.57 Dota 2
28. ua flag Dendi Danil Ishutin Male $732,549.40 Dota 2
29. fr flag Happy Vincent Cervoni Schopenhauer Male $434,631.28 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
30. br flag fnx Lincoln Lau Male $411,552.32 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
31. se flag flusha Robin Rönnquist Male $395,802.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
32. se flag JW Jesper Wecksell Male $379,141.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
33. se flag olofmeister Olof Kajbjer Gustafsson Male $363,411.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
34. ua flag Edward Ioann Sukhariev Male $360,139.29 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
35. cn flag Clearlove Ming Kai Male $347,768.06 League of Legends
36. ua flag flamie Egor Vasilyev Male $343,879.23 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
37. kr flag Impact Jung Eon-Yeong Male $304,688.00 League of Legends
38. ua flag Seized Denis Kostin Male $269,440.16 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
39. sk flag GuardiaN Ladislav Kovacs Male $269,023.63 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
40. se flag Dennis Dennis 'Dennis' Edman Male $225,627.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
41. fr flag SIXER Christophe Xia Male $215,457.12 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
42. us flag n0thing Jordan Gilbert Male $214,754.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
43. fr flag Rpk Cédric Guipouy Male $188,506.02 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
44. be flag ScreaM Adil Benrlitom Male $186,473.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
45. cn flag Meiko Tian Ye Male $184,524.23 League of Legends
46. us flag Skadoodle Tyler Latham Male $180,313.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
47. ca flag shroud Mike Grzesiek Male $172,981.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
48. ca flag Scarlett Sasha Hostyn Female $171,255.83 StarCraft II
49. us flag Stewie2k Jake Yip Male $150,290.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
50. dk flag Bjergsen Søren Bjerg Male $140,811.30 League of Legends
51. ua flag s1mple Oleksandr Kostylev Male $138,057.05 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
52. ru flag Sonneiko Akbar Butaev Male $137,777.98 Dota 2
53. ca flag Wildturtle Jason Tran Male $132,082.80 League of Legends
54. us flag Sneaky Zachary Scuderi Male $128,307.00 League of Legends
55. us flag autimatic Timothy Ta Male $122,855.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
56. cn flag Mouse Chen Yu-Hao Male $113,823.84 League of Legends
57. ua flag General Victor Nigrini Male $111,352.85 Dota 2
58. br flag boltz Ricardo Prass Male $102,829.71 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
59. us flag Doublelift Peter Peng Male $93,815.43 League of Legends
60. cn flag Scout Lee Ye-chan Male $88,982.56 League of Legends
61. dk flag Svenskeren Dennis Johnsen Male $88,055.33 League of Legends
62. br flag HEN1 Henrique Teles Male $85,018.32 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
63. se flag Pajkatt Per Anders Olsson Lille Male $84,300.37 Dota 2
64. br flag LUCAS1 Lucas Teles Male $84,018.32 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
65. kr flag Flame Lee Ho-Jong Male $79,362.85 League of Legends
66. us flag Hauntzer Kevin Yarnell Male $66,145.00 League of Legends
67. cn flag Biofrost Vincent Wang Male $58,169.16 League of Legends
68. ua flag aMiracle Vladislav Scherbyna Male $55,072.78 League of Legends
69. dk flag Jensen Nicolaj Jensen Male $54,306.00 League of Legends
70. ca flag Smoothie Andy Ta Male $50,676.00 League of Legends
71. br flag SHOOWTiME Gustavo Gonçalves Male $49,964.82 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
72. br flag steel Lucas Lopes Male $48,365.95 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
73. se flag Chipshajen Sebastian Widlund Male $40,554.03 Overwatch
74. fi flag Taimou Timo Kettunen Male $39,312.16 Overwatch
75. se flag cocco Christian Jonsson Male $38,120.70 Overwatch
76. es flag HarryHook Jonathan Tejedor Rua Male $38,120.70 Overwatch
77. us flag Pobelter Eugene Park Male $31,200.00 League of Legends
78. fr flag xms Alexandre Forte Male $26,304.92 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
79. se flag ryb Ruben Ljungdahl Male $25,596.01 Overwatch
80. th flag Mickie Pongphop Rattanasangchod Male $25,378.54 Overwatch
81. us flag Potter Christine Chi Female $22,845.25 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
82. se flag Jumpy Jimmy Berndtsson Male $22,398.85 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
83. cn flag Zet Hae Sung-min Male $21,876.23 League of Legends
84. se flag zAAz Zainab Turkie Female $20,939.62 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
85. ca flag missharvey Stephanie Harvey Female $20,555.25 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
86. fr flag Hans Sama Steven Liv Male $19,339.00 League of Legends
87. se flag Juliano Julia Kiran Female $18,069.62 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
88. us flag Ali Alice Lew Female $18,000.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
89. us flag buds Casey McIlwaine Male $17,731.00 Overwatch
90. us flag Hafu Rumay Wang Female $16,866.67
91. br flag yeL Gustavo Knittel Male $16,592.17 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
92. pl flag niQ Sebastian Robak Male $15,818.25 League of Legends
93. ca flag Surefour Lane Roberts Male $15,725.00 Overwatch
94. us flag Adam Adam Eckel Male $15,725.00 Overwatch
95. cn flag Eloise Tang Haiyun Female $14,872.72
96. us flag Hyped George Maganzini Male $14,507.00 Overwatch
97. ru flag Vilga Ksenia Klyuenkova Female $14,505.54 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
98. br flag destinyy Lucas Bullo Male $14,392.20 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
99. br flag PKL Vinícios Coelho Male $14,172.71 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
100. us flag bENITA Benita Novshadian Female $13,789.36 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
101. gb flag Alphari Barney Morris Male $13,437.27 League of Legends
102. kr flag Olleh Kim Joo-Sung Male $13,400.52 League of Legends
103. us flag Jso Jennifer So Female $11,800.00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
104. us flag Gods Daniel Graeser Male $11,585.86 Overwatch
105. es flag iRene Irene Sanchez Female $11,391.46 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
106. be flag Nisqy Yasin Dincer Male $11,024.53 League of Legends
107. br flag shz Bruno Martinelli Male $10,961.54 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
108. us flag Vonethil Oliver Lager Male $10,945.00 Overwatch
109. dk flag Biver Malthe Winther Male $10,723.27 Dota 2
110. us flag Coolmatt69 Matt Iorio Male $10,292.00 Overwatch
111. us flag Stoop Faraaz Waris Male $10,103.00 Overwatch
112. us flag Custa Scott Kennedy Male $10,002.00 Overwatch
113. us flag Aythen Athen Zhu Male $9,201.19 Overwatch
114. us flag GrimReality Christopher Schaefer Male $9,149.29 Overwatch
115. ca flag Agilities Brady Girardi Male $9,114.29 Overwatch
116. mx flag Nomy David Ramirez Male $8,201.19 Overwatch
117. ca flag Roolf Randal Stark Male $7,730.91 Overwatch
118. ca flag Verbo Stefano Disalvo Male $7,660.13 Overwatch
119. us flag Seraph Shin Wu-Yeong Male $7,450.00 League of Legends
120. kr flag lira Nam Tae-yoo Male $7,361.22 League of Legends
121. ru flag Skash Arthur Yermolaev Male $7,295.97 League of Legends
122. cn flag Cody Sun Li Yu Sun Male $6,396.59 League of Legends
123. us flag Dardoch Joshua Hartnett Male $5,909.09 League of Legends
124. us flag Apollo Apollo Price Male $5,886.67 League of Legends
125. se flag Mendokusaii Lucas Hakansson Male $5,250.00 Overwatch
126. us flag Contractz Juan Garcia Male $4,916.00 League of Legends
127. se flag Zvene Simon Svensson Male $4,648.78 League of Legends
128. us flag Jake Jake Lyon Male $3,491.67 Overwatch
129. us flag Voll Matthew Wallace Male $2,789.17 Overwatch
130. us flag rob420 Robert Garcia Male $2,741.67 Overwatch
131. us flag Super Matthew Delisi Male $2,741.67 Overwatch
132. ca flag train Rasheeq Rahman Male $2,741.67 Overwatch
133. us flag Avast Connor Prince Male $2,728.34 Overwatch
134. us flag Hakuho Nicholas Surgent Male $2,687.50 League of Legends
135. ru flag Gumbeq Ruslan Pozdniakov Male $1,724.25 League of Legends
136. kr flag EFFECT Hyeon Kim Male $99.24 Overwatch

What is eSports and Who are the Biggest Players?

Whenever there’s some form of competition going on, you can bet it will draw a crowd. It can be a street fight between two drunk guys, a bunch of gladiators hacking at each other, football, or pro gamers participating in the esporting event.

Believe it or not, if you haven’t heard yet (you may have a lot of catching up to do), if you are pretty good at video games then there may be a job waiting for you.

On top of that, you will be doing something that you like most – playing your favorite video game. You can go solo, you can join a professional team, and best of all you also get sponsorships and advertising deals like other professional teams or athletes. 

What is eSports?

Before we go on with the job prospects, professional eSports teams, and the pros themselves, let’s first go over the actual competitive sport. Yes, video gaming has gone through leaps and bounds and considered by millions around the world as a competitive sport.

eSports (as the pros call it) is known by many different names. It’s called professional gaming, electronic sports, competitive video gaming, and a host of other names.

There are online competitions and there are offline competitions – that means, these events reach far and wide on a global scale. Whether it’s on the internet or in an actual coliseum, every eSporting event draws in a jam-packed crowd.

Back in 2013, the eSport World Championship drew more than 32 million viewers worldwide. They had 27 million the following year. On top of that, statistics show that the viewership of eSports today number to more than 70 million people worldwide.

The Games You Can Participate In

The video gaming world has evolved. Yes, both in the Pokémon sense and in the non-Pokémon sense – and yes there is a world championship Pokémon eSporting event.

Of course, that is not the only game you can play as a professional gamer. The games during these huge competitions include really popular video game titles such as:

  • Halo
  • Call of Duty
  • Super Smash Bros
  • War Craft
  • StarCraft
  • Street Fighter
  • Counter Strike
  • FIFA
  • Dota
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Heroes of Newerth
  • World of Warcraft
  • Tetris
  • Trackmania
  • iRacing
  • Tekken
  • And a lot more games than you can count

eSport Appreciation

Are these competitions really entertaining? You bet they are. However, just like any new sport (digital or the old flesh and bone type) you have to understand the game to appreciate the game.

Do you remember when mixed martial arts were still new? Everyone scoffed and even pro boxers took jabs (well, verbally) at the sport. It took a while before the general public got educated about the sport and learned to appreciate it to its nooks and crannies.

The same is true today when the general public views a match between two professional gamers or two eSport teams locked in battle. They first need to understand the nuances of the game before they can appreciate the skill being displayed by the pros. Truth be told, it’s a lot less violent compared to a lot of sports out there.

Becoming a Professional Gamer

Are you good at video games? Is your mum still yelling at you or your dad lecturing you that there is no future in this? You can actually explain in a really civilized way that there is a bright and lucrative future if you become really good at video games.

If you’ve got a knack for this sort of thing and you feel that you can play video games for life then you test the waters. Note that there are more professional opportunities in this industry than just playing professionally – there are options when a pro gamer retires.

Pick a game genre. You don’t really have to be good at all of them – though you can get noticed if you are good at all of them. There are fighting games, first person shooters, real time strategy games, sports games, racing, multiplayer battle arena games, and a host of others.

Remember that it takes some time before you can master a game. In fact, you need to know the ins and outs when there’s a new game release. For instance, when Call of Duty: Black Ops II was replaced by Call of Duty: Ghosts back in 2013, professional gamers had to master a dozen new multiplayer maps to become competitively proficient during competition.

Stay motivated and keep practicing. If there are local events then join in. That experience will give you a feel for the sport and it eventually prepares you for the big league.

You also need to gear up – time for some PC upgrades. Find gaming communities and join the convo. After that you can find a team and join.

The Good Part: You can actually join in the fun at the next global eSporting event. You can do more than spectating – there are open events where anyone can challenge seeded professional players.

Well, you’re going to have to cough up some cash but it will be the chance of a lifetime. You can get noticed and you may get offered a job as a professional gamer. Another option is to audition

A Quick Look at the Pros

One good thing about being a pro gamer is that you get to pick a really cool handle.

  • UNiVeRsE (aka Saahil Arora): he is pro Dota2 offlaner. This 27 year old from Wisonsin US, has a total earnings of over $2.6M to his name.
  • PPD (aka Peter Dager): A pro gamer turned CEO of one of the most successful Dota2 teams, Evil Genuises. He has is now worth over $2.7M.
  • Fear (aka Clinton Loomis): one of the biggest players in the US, and also one of the best North American cyber athletes. He’s been playing Dota2 for the past 11 years and has a accumulated over $2.3M through playing tournaments.
  • Daigo (aka Tomo Ohira aka The Beast): dubbed as Street Fighter’s first king. Competes in over 12 different games.
  • Moon (aka Jang Jae-Ho): considered as the greatest player in Warcraft 3 history. Don’t ask how much of a fortune he has made out of pro gaming.

These are some of the best pro gamers of all time. Just remember that the field of eSports is as real a profession as it can get. It takes a lot of work and dedication to become one of the greats in this sport.